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A Comprehensive Insight on Free Porn


What is exactly Free porn?


Free pornography sites refer to those websites that distribute and provide access to pornographic content, without charging money. Although the popularity of a free pornographic site dates back to the early nineties, its hype rose between the 2008 and 2011, when most of the tube sites (like porn tube and several other sites based on a similar structure as YouTube) came up with their individual sites and featured porn video content which was either legally or illegally taken from the paid websites. Likewise, these websites also encouraged their users to come up with and upload their original’ content. Owing to their accessibility and free usage, these porn sites soon became incredibly popular among the masses, who were on the lookout for free erotica.


Usually, the average bandwidth usage of any pornographic site is likely to be on the higher site and therefore most of these sites generate income from advertisements. As you visit the free pornographic portals, you will definitely come across advertisements about herbal medicines, penis enlargement pills, gambling ads, web chat ads and so on. However, although a hefty sum is generated from advertisements, the income generated by the free websites (usually from advertising) isn’t sufficient enough to cover the entire costs of the bandwidth. This is exactly where the porn tube sites or the thumbnail gallery post sites come in. These sites are also a type of free erotica website that, are used in order to link with the commercial and paid sites via either thumbnail sized images or the free hosted galleries. Usually, it is the commercial sites which pay the xxx tube sites in an attempt to get their content promoted and drive more traffic to their sites.


Certain free porno websites are also used as portals which keep a proper and up to date index about the relatively small sample sites. These sites are primarily created with the intent of developing directories based on sexual content. They also link to certain websites which are more like erotic Wikipedia sites where any individual can contribute either original or stolen content. Likewise, they can also share their insights and recommend high quality links and relevant resources. This initiative helps growing both the base and the quality of the scheme. Now, every time a user subscribes to a commercial site via the free site portal (as they click from a free tgp site) the commercial portal will immediately send their payment to the ones who own the free site.


Types of free porn


There are several types of free porn, namely- xxx pictures, free porn videos, virtual reality videos, anime, adult webcams and XXX sex stories. In the following section, you will find a detailed insight on these different types of free porn.


Pictures: Free sexual content first came into inception via pornographic image files. These files were either scanned into the PC from the magazines or photographer, or were developed by using a digital camera. These images came to be widely circulated in the JPEG format. Eventually, the GIF format, featuring animated shots of the porno stars in various positions, came to be widely popular.


Adult videos: Erotic clips were also widely circulated in the video formats. The earliest free porno portals followed the MPEG or the WMV format while uploading videos. This was eventually replaced by the VCD and the DVD formats. Right now, there are many web portals that let the users enjoy the live streaming of the videos. It is during the same time, from 2006, certain online porno portals started featuring high definition videos in the WMV HD formats. It was also from this year, when certain specific video hosting portals came to be popular. These portals were supported by advertisements and were based completely out of the YouTube model. Widely known as the Porn 2.0, these portals usually tweak the Flash technology for distributing those free porn movies that have been either uploaded by individual users or the clips from commercial XXX movies. The sites also feature the advertisement clips from other pornographic web sites.


Sex Webcams: The webcam porno is a popular format in the erotica and pornographic industry. The webcam videos usually feature models, known as the cam girl or the cam guys who perform either live via webcam footage. These models come up with these services owing to fixed contracts. The content of the webcam can be categorized in two sections, namely- the group shows that are only available for the members of an erotic website, or a one to one private session according to the users’ convenience. Right now FLV is probably the most common video formats that stream the live webcam videos.


Virtual reality: Since the last several years, the industry of virtual reality has ended up being all the more popular owing to its new innovations and improvements. As a result of this wide accessibility, virtual reality sex videos came into being. These videos give users the chance watching the entire action right in front of them. You will find several free VR sex videos on the web. But in order to view this content flawlessly, you will need the right VR headset.


Sex Stories: This is another form of free sexual content where fictional narrative content is developed with an erotic storyline. These stories were one of the earliest forms of pornographic entertainment, available at, and were usually distributed in textual format. Certain blogs, message portals, forums and newsgroups too have featured these raunchy stories. The magazines that feature these stories are accessible in the Zinio Format which comes with an inbuilt reader program. Recently, many sex videos too are developed in the format of stories with an underlying sexual tone. These videos are widely available on the portals that offer access to free porno. Other than that, audio porn featuring the recordings of individuals indulging in sex or people reading erotic content is also a popular form of erotica.


Animated videos: Free sex videos is also distributed and accessed in the form of animated videos. Usually, these videos are touted as anime. To put it more simply, anything associated with soft or hardcore porn in the anime industry is known as hentai. The primary attraction of this format is the amount of sensual sense used here which is often more than the original story itself. But there are also several animated videos that come with a solid story line. Usually, a doujin or an outline is made after which it is adapted in animation by the producers of the hentai agencies.


Is free porn legal?


The internet is a network which operates internationally, and right now, there are no specific international laws that restrict or regulate the act of accessing and browsing free pornography. Every country has a different method of dealing with free internet porn. Usually, in the United States, if the specific content of the free porn is legal in the concerned jurisdiction from where exactly it is being distributed, then the particular distributor of the free content will not be violating any law irrespective of the fact whether the content is accessible or available in countries where it is not legal. The US, does not restrict individuals to access or browse free videos unlike other countries that have heavy restriction and even content filters for pornographic content.


Porn niches


Free pornography can be categorized into several niches owing to the body features (big cock, wet pussy, huge dick, booty babe), race and ethnicity (interracial sex), age (MILF, Mature, Granny, Old and Young), bondage, group sex (threesome, gangbang or orgy), sex position (doggy style) and fetish. Some of the most popular genres of free sex videos are- armpits, anal sex, horny girl fucked by older men, busty babes, black cock orgasm, big beautiful women (BBW), big breast, big dick, big toe, camel toe, small breast, blowjob and cumshot, foot fetish. Here are sub niches as Asian, Ebony, European, Latina, Bisexual, LGBT porn, teen porn, femdom, rough sex, spanking, face sitting, milking, squirting, cum shot, clothed female naked male, creampie, cuckold, smoking fetish, lesbian porn, gay porn, big tits, celebrity sex tapes, hidden camera, upskirt, deep throat. Most popular categories of porn content: amateur teen girls, oral sex, double penetration, naughty pornstars with natural tits, hentai, shemale porn, ladyboy fucks men in asshole, classics, vintage porn, cute babe with dildo, busty teen, kinky extreme videos, male and female masturbation, deepthroat, old and young and so on.


Free porn awards


Every year an award function is held in the adult entertainment industry, and this function is widely popular as the AVN Awards. This award show is both presented as well as sponsored by AVN, which is a trade magazine for American sex videos. The ceremony recognizes the achievements of the pornographic stars in the varying aspects of creating and marketing the erotic videos and it is also widely known as the Oscars based out of the adult video industry.


The awards here are categorized in several parts, at times, even hundreds of categories and some of them are even analogous to the awards offered in the industry for other genres of film and videos that are particularly concerned with the xxx videos and films.


The very first ceremony of the AVN awards was sponsored back in February, in the year 1984. The ceremony is hosted during the month of January every year. It is hosted in the XXX entertainment expo of AVN, which is based in Nevada, Las Vegas. Since the year 2008, this popular ceremony has also been aired in the form of an edited content on Showtime. It is broadcasted in a slot of ninety minutes.


In the year 1986, AVN awards also hosted a specific category for the gay sex videos. However, the constantly increasing number of genres and subgenres eventually made the show slightly unwieldy. Due to this reason, from the year 1999, the magazine started hosting the GAYVN awards, which was an xxx movie award for the gay sex movies. However, this ceremony eventually became discontinued as the last award ceremony was hosted during the year 2010.


Best porn stars


The adult industry has always made a way to feisty, bright and beautiful erotica stars, who have left a lasting impact on the audience. Among these stars, some of the leading names include, Sunny Leone, Alexis Texas, Lexi Belle, Kayden Kross, Jayden James, Asa Akira, Jenna Haze, Abella Anderson, Breanne Benson and Christina Rose.


Top popular free porn tubes


Mindgeek: Based out of Montreal, MindGeek is one of the top porn players in the adult video industry. The company primarily focuses on internet porn and has its headquarters in Luxemburg City. It has several offices in London, LA, Dublin and Miami. The portal is widely popular as it currently holds the ownership and rights of operation of some of the leading porn portals like PornHub, YouPorn, RedTube, Brazzers, Digital PlayGround, Reality Kings and so on.


PornHub: This is also an extremely popular erotic video sharing portals on the internet. The site came into inception in the year 2007, and it was first launched in Montreal. During that time, it also linked amateur and professional adult photos. Pornhub has several offices in the US and it is among the most widely chartered free xxx photo and video sharing portals. In the year 2010, the site was purchased by Manwin, also called Mindgeek which owns many other leading xxx sites.


Brazzers: This website is one of the leading companies that produces and distributes pornographic content. The site is based in Canada, Montreal. It is one of the leading and most popular pornographic sites and comes with a huge online network that includes thirty one hardcore pornographic sites. The company has the slogan as- “The World’s Best HD Porn Site”. In the year October 2015, Brazzers had a traffic rank of 1650. : This is one of the leading ad-supported free xxx video site that lets users access the free adult video, audio and photographs. This is an incredibly popular xxx video site and it generates the highest traffic from the internet from sexual videos.


XNXX: This is a popular video and adult content sharing portal which had the Alexa ranking of the top 100 sites of the world as of November 2009. However, the site couldn’t keep its staggering popularity owing to the competition from other leading portals like Pornhub and Brazzers.


Xvideos: This is a widely visited free portal for xxx photos and videos. It follows a similar format as YouTube and also has the option of sharing xxx porn videos.